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About Us


We are an integrated football marketing and management firm with a focus to develop business opportunities along the various lines of the football value chain. To this end, we have positioned our business strategically to tap into the football industry’s enormous potential for growth to deliver value to our clients.  


A team of individuals of diverse backgrounds united by the sole purpose of tapping into the enormous opportunities for growth offered by Africa football to create jobs for the key actors in the game and entertain for thousand watching.  We strive for excellence by adopting a very professional approach in what we do. Our client management service ranks among the best and the depth of knowledge and experience of our people is evident in the quality of advice delivered to our clients.


We are well placed to connect capital to the right opportunities in football. We are resourced to support potential club owners in the Ghanaian football environment and we support football clubs to align as professional businesses with best practice structures.


We have developed an extensive network of local scouts giving us the opportunity to identify youthful prospects for development. Our community talent hunt competitions provide the ideal platforms to scout and nature talents. We are well aware of the potential pitfalls involved in scouting young talents in Africa and we have developed a system that is fair, transparent and efficient.


Our marketing orientation and corporate experience has proven invaluable in connecting marketing budget managers to the right opportunities for mileage in the local game. We are constantly pursuing sponsorship opportunities for our partner clubs. We are innovative in our approach and our success in this area is as a result our wide business network.

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The brilliant minds behind our drive, passion and commitment towards development of the youth.