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Bi-Annual u-20 scouting tournaments

Football Events

We organize bi-annual U-20 scouting tournaments to showcase the emerging talents in Ghana. These tournaments are planned to suit the European calendar to attract scouts, agents and other club officials. The tournament dates are also scheduled with the major football windows in cognizance to enable both local and foreign clubs to recruit. Over 25 young footballers have been recruited in the past 4 years from our tournaments.

Relevant Data in football development

We value the importance of information and relevant data in football development. We believe in documenting key football moments, events and also learning from the experience of others. We believe and embrace the diversity of opinions as a way of fostering the development of football. We aim to serve as an institutional memory for the football industry in Ghana.

The Power of Brands

We appreciate the power of brands and are very active in seeking sponsorships for clients and ensuring sponsors receive the required mileage. We effectively handle PR issues of our clients.

Guided by the principles of equity

We represent the interest of our clients and work to protect their welfare in any relationship they seek to enter. We are guided by the principles of equity and we work closely with legal experts to guarantee to ensure the both our clients and other third parties.

Deeper insighs into business trends

We prioritize the inculcating of a culture of savings and investment in footballers from the beginning of their careers. We advise talents on best investment alternatives to choose from. We have deep insights to business trends and share the best opportunities with our clients.